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Gakuen Babysitters 42


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Happy Halloween ^^! It’s another case of missing nipples…

Gakuen Babysitters 41

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>< As you can see the characters in the credits aren’t from Gakuen Babysitters but from Flat by Aogiri Natsu! Would recommend it to all other baby-loving readers ^^ The lack of update was due to my promo exams ahaha and mostly me being a dumb who can’t study OTL. Hayato reminds me of Levi and Ryuu…(mumbles)

uhm and something’s wrong with my asks(not fanmail though)… I remember reading them but not replying them yet but they were all gone? >< so i’ll just reply here and say thanks for the thanks xx <3 oh and Happy Hari Raya! ^^

Gakuen Babysitters 40

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It’s been a year of scanlating! Thank you everyone for your support, comments, likes and messages, they’re all really sweet and I appreciate all of you :-). Thank you Bea for proofreading these stuff and being so adorable in every email XD. Looking back at the first few chapters I did ugh they’re so awful >< hahaha but thanks to some pointers I’ve received, I’ve improved a lot and will continue to do so ^p^!

Does anyone play animal crossing here? I want some fruits…

Anonymous sent: Omgg new chapter <33333 it was really touching ;A; i missed koutarou

:))) I missed kotarou too >< i wanna squish him QAQ

Gakuen Babysitters 39

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A new credit page! :-) Sorry for the wait >< Everyone affected by the haze please do take care since it’s really bad now! Take care of your pets too, especially small animals as they are the most affected :-(… (and that stupid anime announcement was a bad april’s fools joke by bad people :(.)

Anonymous sent: Haze? ): Singaporean? Please take care of yourself!

Ah yes, thank you! And hope everyone else affected by the haze isn’t too affected >< A wet towel is more effective than a mask (well since most are sold out) and uhm hydrate yourselves~!


chap 39 is being proofed but bea is overseas(she’s in japan i’m so jealous) now soooo be patient!

chap 40 is just cleaned so maybe 30% done?

and im dying over here because of the haze OTL

【中國語注意】(Chinese Language Warning) | 孟迭Moddy | R18

Shingeki no Kyojin | Bertholdt/Reiner | Translated by Rou


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Anonymous sent: Where art thou Captain :3

I got eaten by titans QAQ

Anonymous sent: I have scoured pretty much all forums, they have raws till volume 4 only (probably single page... i haven't downloaded them yet and bliss stopped on volume 3) ;~;. I think Japan's up to volume 7 this month. I'm assuming even direct raw scan downloads from Chn scanlators are that bad D:? the ones on blmanhua were bad.

aaaah i could find volume 4 too but i just can’t seem to download it(download limit and shit ><) ahaha